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Submitted by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3), 18 October 2020



Although most of the things we provide on the BLUF website are for members only, I've long been of the belief that we should also use our resources to provide things that benefit everyone, whether they're a member or not. That's why the BLUF events calendar has been publicly accessible for a number of years now, and we're happy to promote community leather events around the world. (If you want to get your event listed read this.

We also have listings of local clubs and groups, venues, shops, photographers and more, plus our monthly email round-up of forthcoming events, The Leather Forecast, though that's obviously a little quiet in these pandemic times.

Card Services

I'm pleased to announce a new service we can offer to leather or kink clubs (or anyone else who may find it useful). It's called Card Services, and is a simple way to create PDF membership cards for a club or other organisation.

Creating plastic cards is expensive and time consuming, especially if you don't charge a membership fee. Virtual Cards in the form of something people can store on their phone or print at home are much simpler to do, but it can still be a chore to create the individual files for every member.

That's where our new Card Services come in. If you organise membership for a group, we can set you up with access to the tools which allow you to either design a card online by uploading a logo and choosing some simple design settings, or by uploading a completed design with blank spaces for things like names and membership numbers.

Then you just have to upload a spreadsheet of members and the details for their cards. We'll email everyone a unique link that they can use to download their own card, or if you prefer you can download them as a batch to print on easily available pop-out card stationery.

We're providing this as a completely free service to any club or group that wants to use it - just get in touch for more details.

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