Where to buy your kink or LGBTQ friendly face mask

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In an increasing number of places around the world, people are being asked or required to wear face masks when out in public, as part of the efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

A number of kink and LGBT-friendly vendors are making masks from a variety of fabrics, and this blog post is intended to provide quick links to them for those who are interested.

Important info

Please note that we can make no medical guarantees about any of the products linked to, nor can we verify that they will meet any specific requirements in your location. If you are going out frequently, remember that any mask may potentially be contaminated, so give consideration to how it can be cleaned, and whether you may need more than one mask, to allow time for washing others. Warnings aside, we hope you'll find this a useful resource that will allow you to buy masks that support clubs and LGBT-friendly businesses. In some cases, there may be a waiting list or delay, due to demand - please check individual sites for the latest info.

Kink and leather vendors

Baltimore Eagle

This venue has a range of masks priced at $14.99.


We have added three mask designs to our BLUF Gear store, priced at £12.49 in the UK and a little over €14 in Europe. We have a different design for the North American store, which covers Canada, the USA and Australia. Profits from these masks help support BLUF and will also contribute towards our fundraising for leather venues.

Full Nelson Leather

Based in San Francisco, this seller is making leather face masks, with 10% of proceeds supporting the Bay Area Leather Lifeline.

HML Fetish

This Bremen store carries a selection of face masks from Tysk Berlin.


Based in Den Haag, Kink Caps is a new company that just makes leather face coverings, starting from €25

Leather 64Ten

This Chicago based company has a range of leather surgical style masks in a range of colours and patterns, starting from $27.95

Leather Masters

Texas-based Leather Masters has retooled to make in a range of colours and patterns, priced from $15. They also sell filters, and are donating masks to first responders.

Leather Sensations

This Dutch company has face masks that cover mouth and nose, made from calf leather and priced at €15


This German company has a range of facemasks, including the leather flag, and 20% of their proceeds support the work of the Waldschlossen Academy, against homo- trans- and interphobia.

Lux Tenebrae

The Face Glove from Lux is made of leather, and costs £45.

Mister B

Mister B now has facemasks available online and in store. Each store has nominated a local charity to be supported by the proceeds.

Monkey Sergeant

The Contagion face mask costs £75

Mr S Leather

Mr S has added reversible hanky face masks to their store, for $17.95, and is donating 500 to local organisations in San Francisco.

Peachy Kings

This firm offers an officially licenced Tom of Finland facemask from $18, with part of the proceeds supporting the Tom of Finland Foundation

Rainbow Dragon

This UK company has a wide range of masks, including kink-themed ones, for £10.99

Rough Trade Gear

This LA store has a range of face masks, including the leather flag, and neoprene versions, from $12.99 upwards.

Rubio Leather

Rubio Leather has created the 2020 Facemask available in black, or camo leather, with various colour and piping options, from $79. For full details see this Facebook post

Sir Rat Leather

Based in Austin, Sir Rat has leather face masks in a range of colours, for $45.


This shop in Munich has some face masks from Barcode Berlin available at €28.99 and also the new Alpha Industries Crew mask for €12.99

Spitfire Leather

London-based Spitfire has a range of face masks which they say are designed to be worn over a medically approved mask. Prices from £30.


Tysk in Berlin is selling a leather version of a medical-style facemask for €55. Also available is a fabric mask of the same design as the BLUF ones, with their logo.

Other vendors

Barcode Berlin

Barcode Berlin has a range of fabric masks and filters in their store


Binge has a range of masks including some Pride inspired ones, and will be supporting the UK's NHS Charities via their sale.


This bear-oriented shop has a lot of masks including a Leather Wolf design, and each mask sold raises €2 for charities fighting COVID-19

Bunny Style

This store has a rainbow fabric mask in their store

Burly Shirts

Burly Shirts in Maine is selling hand made bandana face masks from $12

Girls Support Girls

They tell us they're 'gay as hell' so why not support this New York based vendor and grab one of their face masks


This gay run T-shirt maker now has a wide range of face masks.

The Moody Bear

Moody Bear has face masks with a large or small version of their logo, for £6.50

This is Fred

The Donation Mask from This is Fred costs £10 and profits go to help the LGBT Foundation, a UK charity

If you supply face masks, and are a kink/LGBTQ run or supporting store, and would like to be added to this list, please get in touch