BLUF and Saving Lives UK

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Submitted by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3), 28 February 2020



We're delighted to parter with the charity Saving Lives UK, to help promote postal HIV testing in the UK. Saving Lives, through their website Take A Test UK, makes home testing kits available, including straightforward HIV testing and full STI checkups.

The tests use a simple dried blood spot, which is easy to do at home, and you just post your sample off, where it's analysed in a lab at Public Health England, with your results notified to you within a week or so.

The Saving Lives UK home HIV test kit normally costs £24.99, but we're pleased to say that you can get a free kit in the UK by using the code BLUF20 - share it with your friends.

To help promote this partnership and encourage people to take a test, we've created a series of images, featuring BLUF member TiedMark (650), photographed by Matt Spike. We're grateful to both of them for permisson to use the image.