Welcome to the BLUF calendar builder

Using this page, you can create the code you need for a customised BLUF calendar widget. Pick the options you want for the calendar, then copy and paste the lines of code into your web page. If you need more information, check the detailed info for our plugin. You can see what the calendar looks like in action on someone's site at Nigel's estim Site - it's at the bottom right of the page.

Choopse your options, then copy and paste

There are three types of calendar. The main one is the calendar with posters, which displays only those events for which we have a poster or other image. There are also two types of text calendar, one large and one small.

Now, you can choose whether you want all events, events in a particular country, a particular city, or those of a particular type (BLUF events, title contests, or cultural events):

By default, the calendar will move to a new every roughly every three seconds. You can change that to a different value if you like. Pick one of the choices here, or edit the code if you want a delay of more than ten seconds (note that on this page, the timing will be very inaccurate, but it will run properly on your own page):

For more details, including tips for WordPress and Blogger/Blogspot users, click here, or if you fancy creating your own plugin, please read about our API.